“Why aren’t my content streams working?”

The beginning stages of content distribution can be extremely frustrating.

Many companies give up because it can feel pointless and humiliating to put so much effort into a piece of content that nobody sees.

Here’s some tips to ensure that your content gains traction quickly and consistently, however, it won’t be overnight. Curating content streams can take some time.

1. Spread your content across as many platforms as possible.

Many guides will tell you to pick one platform and focus on it, but that simply is not the best way. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks content based on how often your brand, website, etc. are seen across the web. This will be compounded exponentially by sharing content across all of your platforms, referring to one platform from another. If ranking algorithms see your content being distributed across many platforms, it will be found organically at much higher volumes.

2. Distribute as much content as possible

Post literally as much as you can. Don’t post nonsense or poor quality pieces, but too much quality content will always be a good thing. Start early in the morning, and go until late at night. There are peaks during the day for centerpiece content, but shares, comments, and smaller pieces can be posted at less popular times. See #1 for why more content is better.

3. Don’t just post, interact.

Many companies just post stuff and then sign off until they post again. This is an extremely ineffective way of building a brand. You need to interact with your audience and other brands/influencers in your market. Comment on other people’s posts, start conversations with them, like and follow, send direct messages, etc. Respond to every single comment on your posts. Don’t just say “thanks” but but effort into starting a legitimate conversation.

4. Photos and video are much more effective than text.

People react much better to photos and even more to video. Try making how-to series or infographics. These types of content accrue much better engagement than regular text. Youtube is a fantastic way to build a brand, as even with substantially less followers/views it will have a great effect on your content distribution.

5. Don’t focus too much on your product

People don’t want to see just ads. They want to be entertained, taught, or impacted emotionally. Refrain from talking about your product or company too much. While it’s good to put out content about your business, most of it should be about topics related to your market, with no strings attached. Don’t put ads or product placement in there, good content is about getting people engaged, not about selling something. Once people are engaged, you can offer them something or reach out to them directly.

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Entrepreneur and software developer…focused on the marketing technology and web space. For more technical advice follow my quora or dm me on linkedin!

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Entrepreneur and software developer…focused on the marketing technology and web space. For more technical advice follow my quora or dm me on linkedin!

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